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some people think that school food isnt all that bad and that we’re just whiny teenagers
u fucking get a rock solid jug of rotten milk then tell me that we’re just whiny teenagers

My freshman year of high school i got applesauce for lunch and when I opened it, a cloud of mold poofed out I feel this post on an emotional level

I broke my pb&j sandwich on the table once, it smashed into 7 pieces.

our hot dogs in elementary school were green

i found a fingernail in my chilli once, i didn’t want to eat at school, but i had no choice because i got free lunch for a reason.


There was a feather on my friend’s fried chicken before, and when she split it open, there was a tiny metal ball

Once in elementary school I got chicken that still had an organ in it, I thought at the time that it was a heart, but really, who even knows?

I found mold in my grape jelly twice

my friend got juice once and ants were all in it, like a layer on the top

my friend was eating a some type of green vegetable and when she bit into it she later discovered there had been a caterpillar long story short she ate half of a baby butterfly

I saw a liquified cheese sandwich once
Like the entire sandwich was just liquified

I’ve had corndogs and hotdogs that were bitten into and re-served before, and it was always a running gag that the chicken nuggets bounced like rubber balls (which they did), as well as the layer of “cheese” on top of the pizzas. It would all come off in one hard crusty layer. I stopped eating school lunches and went hungry from like, 7th grade on through highschool ._.

We once got served some Doritos that were 5 years over the expiration date. They literally smelled like wet wood chips.


This video is in the walking dead, norman reedus, chandler riggs and countless other tags.  The caption is "Why would she cry over something so stupid help."DO NOT PLAY THIS VIDEO. IT IS A SCREAMER. Poor SPF-irishsexgod fell for it and it scared her so bad it made her heart hurt.  Thankfully she warned me.  Screamers are not funny, or a joke.  They can cause people with heart problems, seizure disorders, or panic/anxiety disorders to have heart attacks, seizures or severe panic attacks.  Not cool.  As someone with a serious anxiety disorder I feel the need to sure this because I know a lot of my followers have anxiety and  other health problems that could be worsted by screamers.  please help get the word out about this screamer.  

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